Quotes to Live By [10]

“Don’t feel stupid if you don’t like what everyone else pretends to love.” ~Emma Watson


Changes and Resolutions

So I have been out of college on break for the past five weeks.
Changes I have made include:
~No Facebook- Which has been difficult just because that is how I used to talk to all of my friends and keep updated on what is happening around my campus.
~My hair color- Which is now dark.
~Eyes- I got contacts and new glasses, which are very different than what I am used to.
~Relationships- I have not talked to my ex(which is a really good thing) and I have realized that right now I am just not ready for another one for a while.
~Family- I have tried to make amends with most of my family, but I do know that somethings have just not been my fault and they do not deserve my apologies.
~Work- I have started applying for 3 summer internships, one at the University of Michigan, one at Purdue University, and the last one at the Center foe Disease control.

New Years resolutions have never been my thing, but I decided to make a few this year:
~Feel more comfortable with myself
~Only start relationships if you know what you want
~Be myself, stay on track
~Learn and laugh more


These changes and resolutions have really encompassed what I wanted to get out of these past few weeks of finding myself and figuring out what I want.

Common Reading Experience

Every year the freshman at my college have to read a book over the summer.
This year I get to help pick the book for the incoming freshmen to read over the summer; I have to read The Good Food Revolution written by Will Allen because next year is the year of sustainability. 

I will finally get to teach about a book I care about, YES!

Let the reading begin…


Christmas is the time of giving not receiving, right?

Well the people I seem to have been around within the past few months definitely don’t understand that concept.

And that is just one of the many reasons I hate Christmas…

Ps. Sorry for the rant.
Carry on with your Christmas Day cheer!


These past few days have been SO unproductive.
I have made some of my “famous” fudge and hung out with my best friend.
Other than that, my life has been fairly boring.

I have been contemplating talking to my father.
I haven’t talked to him since this past summer and I think I am ready to tell him that I am done with him.
Maybe, I will keep running this through my mind for a while.


Thursday I deactivated my Facebook.
Friday I confided in my cousin.
Saturday I had a day to do things I wanted to do.
Today I changed my hair color.

Since I have been home I have really been enjoying things.

This week is going to be busy though…
I have to fix my resume’.
I have to apply for internships.

Homeward bound… Tomorrow.

I finished my last exam a bit ago.
Now I am packing and listening to some Sleeping with Sirens. =]
I have to check out of my dorm by 8 a.m. tomorrow morning, this should be fun.

I am also going to deactivate my Facebook over break, that should be interesting.
I will keep an update to how that is going.